Beautifull waterfalls surround Mahabaleshwar

Lingmala Water Fall : The major attraction of mahabaleshwar on the Venna river is visible from the kalghar ghat on the medha satara road, and offers an awesome spectacle from the Met gutad villages Makharia point. One can also see the actual point of the water falling from Shreyas Bungalow , or Saj Resort at Met Gutad but one has to be very cautious while moving around these places. The spectacle of this fall is visible during the monsoon and few months after the monsoon. Bungalows on Rent available near this point are a] La Rose b] Tree Top c] Sai Villa.

  1. Dhobi Water fall : known so as may be because it was once a very prominent washing place. On the ride besides lilly cottage on the kshetra Mahabaleshwar road.
  2. Chinaman's Waterfall: Near Sassoon point and the Falkland point is known so as because of the inhabitation of the area by the Chinese prisoners of war during the colonial rule and a majority of this site was used by them for cultivation of various European vegetables and crops.
  3. Kelghar water fall: on the Mahabaleshwar medha satara road almost 14 to 15 kilometers away from the main market place seen in the monsoon season only.
  4. Ale's waterfall on the tapola road near zolchikhind is near about 8 to 9 kilometers from the market place and seen in the monsoon.
  5. Pratapgadh view water fall in the anbenali ghat about a kilometer and half from the sight of medtale village. This place also offers a beautifull view of pratapgadh fort from ghat.
  6. Chirkehind Fall in the lower portion of the ambenali ghat about 6-7 kms after the diversion to ragtag.
  7. Bhilar waterfall seen on the mahabaleshwar panchgani road is one of the beautiful falls on the kudali river arisisng from the bhilar village.

Visitors are requested to take adequate care while they are moving in the vicinity of these falls.